National Library Workers Day 

National Library Workers Day is observed on the Tuesday of National Library Week, which is on April 5 this year. The day recognizes the importance and contributions of the library staff who keep our libraries running while we get lost in the wonderful books. Libraries are more than a place for borrowing books, they reflect the needs and expectations of our community. And library workers are the ones fulfilling those needs and expectations by making information, books, and resources more accessible. Libraries work because they work!

In Skilled Nursing Facilities Libraries are an excellent addition, they Enrich the lives of Nursing Home Residents. Of course, the most popular library service involves residents requesting specific books and having them delivered right to their rooms. Other times the residents just like to go to the library and pick out their own books and spend some time socializing with other residents of the facility.  

Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the nursing home for a while. Most libraries offer meeting rooms free of charge. You can bring a group of residents there for a special activity or a support group.

As with everything we do for our residents it’s always nice to find new and creative activities for them, to bring them more enjoyment during their nursing home stay. 

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